walk guidelines

These are the guidelines we are setting in place for our walk. The city is allowing us to have this protest because it is our 1st amendment right, HOWEVER they will shut us down if there are any complaints from local businesses and/or they see any members of our group breaking any laws. We want to show the city of San Diego as much respect as they are showing us by letting us have this protest – so these are the guidelines that we ask be followed.

* Participating in the walk:
By participating in SlutWalk San Diego, you do so at your own risk. Despite providing these guidelines we are not responsible for your behavior, activities, or actions; including any injuries or trauma that may occur during your participation. We do ask that you please follow all laws of the City of San Diego & State of California and please maintain a solid level of courtesy, respect and common sense to refrain from giving the public a negative image of our movement. If we see you breaking the law and/or violating these very simple guidelines, you will be asked to leave. If the offense is dangerous or threatening, you will be reported to the nearest law enforcement official. We are asking to be respected; we have to show others the same respect.

If any walker accidently, on purpose, or in other way breaks the law in any way during the walk, it will NOT tolerated, by either SlutWalk San Diego or the SDPD. Remember that behavior such as that reflects poorly on the movement.  
We will have Traffic Control Officers out there directing traffic for us and all walkers will need to follow the parade marshals and the police instructions.

That one should be a no brainer considering the reason for the movement.
It’s simple; we do not want to be touch without consent, so we need to show others the same respect. Also remember as much as you might hate the message of any counter-protesters, they have as much right to be there as we do.

Do not interfere with any businesses and/or their customers.
 We are being allowed to do this walk by the city since it is our 1st amendment right to do so. However, if there are complaints for businesses about us being there effecting their business, they WILL shut us down.


* Photographers & Videographers:
We welcome all photographers/videographers as well as the legitimate press/journalists to our event. We ask that you please do not stop our group, get in the way of our walk or block the flow of regular foot/vehicle traffic in any manner, the ‘perfect shot’ is not worth it. You are subject to the same rules of this walk as we are.
Unless you have permission in advance from SlutWalk San Diego AND you have the subject(s) and/or their guardian(s) sign a model release you may NOT use any photos or video you have taken during the walk and/or at the rally for commercial purposes.

* Having your photo taken as a participant: 
By participating in the walk, you acknowledge that you are aware that there will be photographers/videographers as well as the legitimate press/journalists at this event, and most likely your face and/or likeness will be posted online and/or used to highlight news articles and the like about the event.  If someone approaches you personally in order to photograph and/or videotape you, please ask if it is for commercial purposes or not. If it is “For commercial purposes”, which means they would be profiting off of your image in ANY manner, ask to see their credentials and contact information, since if it is for commercial purposes, they need to attain a model release form signed by you and/or your guardian if you are under 18. You DO have the right as person to refuse to participate in the photograph if it is for commercial purposes and/or if they will not show you credentials. Do not allow them to tell you differently.